Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zeb and the Baby

This is the baby belonging to the Chinese family he lived with in Brooklyn. I've forgotten his name, Elliott, maybe? Zeb, can you comment? They're hamming it up for Chan.

Zeb on Food: Buying, Eating and Digesting

These are Zeb classics. Zeb-and-the-emu has been my desktop in the past. Thanks to Chantal for such lovely contributions to the mysterious Zeb enigma.

Jamaica Dolphins

Presumably Chantal was also clapping when not taking photos?

Chantal's Mother's Day Collage

Chantal put this together for Mother one spring. She claimed this was a great photo of me, but I've always loathed it. This really is a great shot of Josh, there's so much expression. What was Chantal saying to him at the time?

Bjorn as Homestarrunner

Also Chantal's handiwork.

Chantal in the City

More from my I drive: Chantal in NYC after a year on Grand Cayman.

From Chantal's Visit to Jamaica

These were on my I drive at work. Chantal, I think you lost these with your computer?