Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blue Scarf

I bought this blueberry slubby yarn in Baddeck at the Baadeck Yarn Shoppe (not a misspelling) last October. It's all hand spun and hand dyed in Nova Scotia, and I loved it immediately. I haven't really had time to do anything with the yarn, but I always knew I wanted a scarf for myself. Lucky for me it's a cold April.

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Shayo said...

Oooh, pretty yarn. I love that color, although I'm not sure if it's just the photo but it looks more like purple. Anyway, your yarn is making me want to go yarn shopping, it's been a while!

On an unrelated note, I just saw your couch pic. It's a nice looking couch and all but I was more interested in the throw pillows, which are adorable! Where'd you get them?