Sunday, July 08, 2007

Raiding the Photo Box

So Shayo is looking through the photos and pulled out a few.
The first photo is of Mom when she was pregnant with me, I wanted to have this photo in to demonstrate the largess of her former hair style.
The next two Shayo picked out; I'm not sure why.
The last is of me, when I was skinny and happy. Haha.


Shayo said...

I selected those photos because of the expressions on Chantal and Kuna's faces; they look like they're soooo excited to be photographed (end sarcasm).

Nerine said...

I love that one of Chantal. So impish. I hated that blouse I'm wearing. Mother made it for me, but it was too loud for me- I was worried people were more likely to notice me.

I don't think Mother is pregnant with you in that pic. She's in Colorado when we were still in Hampton. She hired Zaphia (who lived in a trailer in Hampton and had a scary turkey in the yard) to look after you while she away, and the rest of us when we came hom from school. We really liked her.

Nerine said...

Oh yeah- and Dad bought us Froot Loops while she was gone!