Monday, February 02, 2009

The Festival of Lanterns in Manhattan Chinatown. They blocked off all streets, they have floats and lion and dragon dancing troupes. When looking at these photos you have to imagine the drumming that goes along with this. Part of every troupe is the percussion.
Every one was shouting happy new year, some with megaphones, offering blessings in English and Cantonese. This last photo is of a particularly boisterous guy that told everyone that he loved them. A guy from the crowd responded in like manner and then was asked for his number. There was much laughter.

The parade was from 12-3ish, the sun move quite a bit but I didn't compensate periodically for the changes in the light.

The team in red is centered around a wagon on which their drums are set. They take turns drumming. I've seen these guys before, they are one of the better troupes. On other days all these troupes preform at different establishments blessing them and giving good luck; they get money in return.

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